Embark on an exciting new culinary cruise to Raja Ampat in January, 2020, on board the good ship Kurabesi Explorer, a boutique phinisi boat with a ‘social conscious’. Join Janet DeNeefe in a once in a lifetime adventure in one of the world’s most breathtaking jungle wonderlands. Dates 16-22 January, 2020. 
Day 1. 

We meet in the morning at a local hotel in Sorong for snacks and refreshments. Then we start our journey to Waisai, Raja Amat’s capital city,  with KLM Kurabesi and explore Waisai Market. In the late afternoon we dive/snorkel at Saonek Island and then sail to Mioskun.

Day 2. Mioskun – Sawingray 

Diving and snorkeling in the morning and afternoon. We will then be presented with a Traditional Welcome Dance at Sawingray Village. From here we depart to Fam. A lunchtime cooking class of fresh fish will be enjoyed by all.

Day 3. Fam – Piaynemo

The third day includes visiting a traditional coconut oil/soap maker at the village in Fam, exploring lagoons / snorkeling / kayaking at Piaynemo, and sunset hiking to Piaynemo Hills. Cooking class at lunchtime.

Day 4. Arborek (Manta Island)

In between snorkeling and kayaking, we will take an island tour and local Cooking Class at Arborek. The day concludes with dinner before sailing to Sapokren. 

Day 5. Sapokren

We start the day with bird-watching, continued with breakfast. After that, we will snorkel and kayak. We then depart for Mayalibit Bay and enjoy a cooking class on board. 

Day 6. Mayalibit Bay

The sixth day is packed with exciting activities, ranging from island tour, exploring the Mayalibit mangroves forest, cooking class with a traditional Papuan feast and exploring the blue water spring before returning to Sorong.

Day 7. Sorong

We have a light breakfast before transfers to the airport.


AUD4,700.00. To secure your place a 50% non-refundable deposit per person of AUD 2,350.00 is required.

Services included:

It includes 6 nights accommodation, all meals, guides, cooking classes, snorkeling/water sports and park permits. Alcohol is not included.

  21 – 24 APRIL 2020 TO KOMODO

We’re delighted to welcome you on board the Mutiara Laut, a luxury ‘Phinisi’ schooner, with 3 nights and 4 days of adventure in the Komodo Islands. 

 Daytimes include swimming in turquoise waters, trekking in one of Indonesia’s most breathtaking World Heritage Sites, walking along secluded pink sand beaches, snorkeling in the most bio-diverse marine ecosystems on the planet and cooking classes that focus on food as medicine and the healing properties of spices. Evenings include sunset cocktails and star-lit evenings of thoughtful conversation, stargazing and extraordinary dinners.

 Meals offer a feast of local flavours and nutritious dishes designed to revive and restore.  Start the day with a turmeric health tonic to boost the immune system and stretching class for circulation and wellbeing. Follow with freshly baked sourdough, homemade yoghurt, tropical fruits and cooked favourites followed by languorous lunches and dinners with cooking classes and food discussions on deck that focus on superfoods and nutrition. Fresh seafood grilled in banana leaves or braised in lemongrass-scented curry sauces, exotic greens and edible flowers mixed with roasted coconut and lime leaves, fragrant rice, salads and gluten-free Indonesian desserts are part of the menu

 The Komodo Islands is considered to be ‘the world’s real-life Jurassic Park; a land full of secrets, mystery and wonder, where rugged terrains lay wildly untouched, dense jungles shelter mystifying creatures that still roam its lands, winged beings with fangs take to the skies in thick clouds at sunset and giant eels live in abundance in the depths of its mysterious lakes. Aside to the much sought-after and dangerously venomous Komodo Dragons, it is also here in Flores that the first ever human hobbit was found.’


DAY One 

Labuan Bajo – Kanawa – Gili lawa

Meet in Labuan Bajo and then visit the traditional market. Armed with exotic greens, fresh seafood and spices we board the boat and set sail into the Komodo Islands to begin our island-hopping adventure. First stop is Kanawa island. With a dramatic backdrop of rugged hills and crystal clear turquoise waters, Kanawa island enjoys some of the Komodo’s most exquisite coral and marine life. After snorkeling, a cooking class on deck with an exemplary lunch is shared together.  Our next stop is to the bay of Gili Lawa for afternoon snorkeling and swimming. It is here we enjoy our first night. Dinner follows with under-the-stars cocktails.



Gili lawa – Manta Point – Pink Beach

The day starts at sunrise with soft trekking across the Gililawa mountain to enjoy a glorious panorama of this world heritage park. In the dry season the grassy island is a barren savannah, while in the rainy season, the hills become a velvety verdant green. After a refreshing swim, our next stop is Manta Point, also known as Makassar Reefs. For those who love to see manta rays, this is the place to get up close and personal. With reefs of only 2 to 9 meters deep, this is also the home of turtles, sharks, eagle rays, giant trevallies, huge clams, various kind of sponges, cuttle fish and many more. The Komodos is also the home to about 4,000 wild birds and many endangered species. A leisurely lunch and cooking class follows while sailing to the renowned Pink Beach. With only seven on the planet, Pink Beach obtains its soft pink glow from microscopic animals called Foraminifera, that produce a red pigment on the coral reefs.  Here in this picture-perfect paradise we will enjoy swimming, snorkeling and lazing on the sand followed by dinner. 



Rinca – Padar 

Start with an early morning trek and Komodo-spotting on Rinca island. Wild deer, buffalo, birds and wild boar also roam these parts. Cool down with a dip in the pristine waters and then enjoy a shared lunch with a cooking class. We then continue our trip to Padar island which is considered the most spectacular place to hike. From the mountain-top you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire network of islands, from the rugged brown peaks of the dry savannah to the contrast of tri-colored beaches in gray, white, and pink that flow into an expanse of turquoise ocean. Lunch and a cooking class are followed by more water sports.  The night will be spent at Manjarite with a beach bbq under the stars.



Manjarite – Kelor – Labuan Bajo

After breakfast, we spend our last morning snorkeling at Kelor island and simply inhaling the supreme beauty of this unique “Jurassic Park”. It is in the nearby mountains that evidence of Hobbit-like people lived and in this extraordinary part of the world, it certainly seems possible. We enjoy our final lunch together before heading back to Labuan Bajo.


Cruise Price AUD 1,900.00

INCLUDED: 3 night’s luxury accommodation, all meals, non-alcoholic refreshments, snorkeling, water sports and complete recipe booklet.

NOT INCLUDED: Entrance fees and ranger fees for trekking on Komodo or Rinca island.

Alcohol on board the boat.


Join Janet DeNeefe on an adventure to the fabled spice islands, from Ambon to Banda Neira, Eastern Indonesia. We sail on a teak Phinisi Boat and spend 9 unspoiled days trekking, snorkelling, exploring, swimming, dining and absorbing the history of this fascinating part of Indonesia.
Day 1. 

We meet at the Natsepa Resort in the morning and then explore the local market. After our market tour we set sail from Natsepa across the Ambon Bay towards the open seas making new friends and sharing stories in the beginnings of a voyage like no other.

Day 2. 

We arrive at the small, picturesque island of Manipa and visit a distillery for Kayu Putih (eucalyptus oil) and then witness the art of making sago. A cooking class will be held on deck at lunchtime, using spices, fresh fish and ingredients bought at the market. Afternoon is for snorkeling and relaxation. The cocktail hour follows with a discussion about the region’s history, and then, a lavish dinner under the stars will be presented by Janet DeNeefe and team.

Day 3.

Begin the day with followed by a cooking class on deck and a visit to Nusa Laut, the smallest among the Lease Islands, where clove, nutmeg, cinnamon trees and sago palms grow in abundance.

Day 4. 

Exploring Saparua, a former Dutch stronghold in colonial times, with a fascinating history. The historic Fort Duurstede, located in the heart of Saparua, was established by the Dutch East Indies Company in 1691 and is now a museum that tells a tale of colonial rule and freedom fighters. The village market, nearby, will be explored and provisions bought for lunch and dinner. Snorkelling in the pristine waters of Molana Island will follow.

Day 5. 

We arrive in the renowned Banda Archipelago, a network of small islands that were once the world’s only source of nutmeg and mace. The Dutch secured the coveted nutmeg trade in the 17th Century, thus, changing the course of Indonesian history, but not without resistance.

Despite their illustrious history, the Banda Islands are a place that time seems to have forgotten. We will anchor in Banda Neira the only city in the Bandas, and spend the morning in this charming colonial-style town.

Day 6 -8.

These days will include a visit to the other islands of the archipelago, namely, the tiny island of Run – which the English traded with the Dutch for Manhattan – as well as the islands of Ai and Hatta, where we will see what remains of the Dutch colonial houses and land parcels known as perken, which were handed to Dutch planters, ‘perkeniers,’ to manage. We will see forts, churches, cemeteries and nutmeg plantations. Afterward we will also explore the pristine waters and bountiful reefs of the islands.

Day 9. 

After breakfast on the deck, and a wrap-up of our voyage into 17th century Indonesia, we will say goodbye to the crew before transferring you to Ambon airport for your onward travel.


AUD 4,950

Services included:

It includes 8 nights, 9 days accommodation, all meals, guides, cooking classes, snorkeling/water sports, non-alcoholic refreshments and park permits. Alcohol is not included.

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