March 25, Balinese New Year


Balinese New Year, Nyepi, the day of silence, is far from being a loud celebration. On that day, Bali plunges into an immense stillness from late New Year’s Eve until sunrise on March 26, more than 30 hours later. At midnight the lights are turned off and the island simply shuts down. There are no cars, no motorbikes, no tv, no internet, no cooking, no lights, no fire, no kidding! Everybody must remain in the family compound and those who wander beyond the gates will be promptly sent home by village security (pecalang). But hey, don’t worry, it is one of the most extraordinary, peaceful days, where all you hear is the sound of nature and in Bali it almost grows before your eyes. And at night, you witness one of the world’s finest light shows with a vista of a million stars twinkling like diamonds across the sky.  Nyepi is considered one of the world’s boldest solutions to climate change while displaying the power and magic of local wisdom. 



New Year’s Eve


The ogoh-ogoh parade, called “pengrupukan”,  takes place in the evening before Nyepi.  Gigantic, monstrous ogres, called ogoh-ogoh, parade the streets in a frenzied, noisy procession while locals brandish torches of fire and banging tins around the compound to purify the space. Ogoh-ogoh are metaphors of evil spirits that are ushered to their final destination where they are burned to ashes, destroying their demonic powers. The ogres are a labour of hand-crafted love, created by the young men in the village. This is yet another community activity that strengthens ties and traditions.


The belief


Nyepi is considered the time for purging evil spirits from the island so that the New Year starts afresh. The silence and darkness of Nyepi is to make the demons believe no one lives on the island, thus leading them away to another place. 


Honeymoon Guesthouse


On Nyepi, Honeymoon Guesthouse becomes one of the most exciting gourmet destinations for Balinese food. Focusing on local vegan specialities, such as tempe and jackfruit, you can enjoy a peaceful long table lunch with new friends in the tranquil environs of Honeymoon. Our Nyepi feast is one of the highlights of our year and an extra memorable one for guests.


Check on Room Availability here, or Email for detail.


Transportation & businesses   


On Nyepi all businesses and offices are closed. Transportation is not available until 6:00 am on March 8.


Electricity & entertainment


Bali is the only place on earth that has the most energy-saving, eco-friendly celebration!


Nyepi is a perfect opportunity to detox from the stress of your life and to enjoy the simple pleasures that you often don’t have time for, such as, reading a book like mine! Fragrant Rice!


Stock up for Nyepi!


Don’t despair. Honeymoon Bakery provides a superb range of pastries and breads, such as our famous gut-friendly sourdough, banana cake, and home cooked pastries to help your survive. Our croissants are said to be the best in town and our lime tart is legendary. We also sell homemade granola and thick Greek-style yoghurt.


Call Casa Luna at 977409 or WhatsApp +62 821 4640 0525 to order your Nyepi basket of home-baked goodies in advance.