Join Janet DeNeefe to Komodo Islands on 21 – 24 April 2020! We’re delighted to welcome you on board the Mutiara Laut, a 7-cabin luxury phinisi, with 3 nights and 4 days of adventure in Flores. Daytimes include snorkeling, kayaking, swimming in turquoise waters and trekking in Rinca Komodo Park. Evenings include sunset cocktails and star-lit evenings of thoughtful conversation, stargazing and extraordinary food.

Included in your itinerary is a ranger-led visit to the Rinca Island in search of the renowned Komodo Dragons, visits to coastal villages and local markets, trekking the lofty hillsides, walking along secluded pink sand beaches, as well as, snorkeling in the most bio-diverse marine ecosystem on the planet. The ranger-led visit is an additional cost of approximately Rp 350,000.

Meals include a feast of local flavours and nutritious dishes from Casa Luna. Start the day with freshly baked sourdough breads, homemade yoghurt, tropical fruits and cooked favourites followed by languorous lunches and dinners with casual cooking classes and food discussions on deck that focus on the healing properties of spices. Fresh seafood grilled, wrapped in banana leaves or braised in lemongrass-scented curry sauces, greens and edible flowers mixed with roasted coconut, salads and Indonesian desserts are part of the exotic menu. 

AUD 2,500


Services included:
It includes 3 nights, 4 days accommodation, all meals, non-alcoholic refreshments, snorkeling and water sports. Komodo Rinca Island Park entry fee not included. Alcohol is not included.

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