Craving for pizza in Ubud? Indus Restaurant has been stoking up the wood-fired oven to create authentic, artisan Italian-style pizza. You can choose a favourite, like Pizza Margherita or try a new one such as Pizza Bianca, delivered straight to your door!

Yes that’s right! We now provide pizza delivery in Ubud. These are deliciously authentic with a lovely thin crust and perfect for a casual meal with a little vino or beer. Free pizza delivery in Ubud. Simply order via WhatsApp now.

Order by WhatsApp +62-813-3823-9921. Please click here to Download Menu. Indus Pizza Delivery opens daily from 12-9pm.

Not looking for delivery? You are welcome to dine in and enjoy the view of the Tjampuhan ridge whilst enjoying your wood-fired pizza. Limited seats are available to ensure we comply with physical distancing rules.

For enquiries please WhatsApp us on

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