Bring Back the Light

Fund-Raising Dinner for Bali's Firefly Research

Join us at Indus for a magical night to honour Bali’s beloved firefly.

Indus Restaurant Ubud

6pm, Friday 12 July

For reservations or enquiries WhatsApp: +62 821 3877 3739

Wayan Wardika, Henzo Rashed and Jaime Noriega of Bring Back the Light firefly initiative at Tegal Dukuh Camp,Taro, will share their inspiring journey of preserving Bali’s endangered tiny bioluminescent beetles.

A lavish long table feast of Balinese flavours by Janet DeNeefe, inspired by Taro’s native ingredients, will be served during the discussion.

Set in a palm plantation, Tegal Dukuh Camp is a verdant jungle wonderland that is home to their firefly research. The camp is dedicated to sustainable practices, emphasizing eco-friendly methods, organic farming, as well as, the production of palm sugar and fresh coconut oil.

From wild leaves, plants and healing herbs, to gingers, fresh fish and exotic fruits, prepare to be dazzled by this illuminating culinary adventure.

The rich ecosystem of Taro’s wooded highlands contribute to an incredible diversity of flavors and ingredients.

The menu includes char-grilled oyster mushroom satay, moringa in coconut milk, green amaranth and banana flower urab, tempe with lemon basil, seafood paella and lak-lak hot cakes with Taro coconut sugar for dessert.

Sit back, take in the jungle view of the Tjampuan ridge, savor the experience, and immerse yourself in this extraordinary light show of community, culture and nature conservation.

The evening is a collaboration between Indus and the Yayasan Mudra Swari Saraswati, the foundation responsible for the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival and is a fundraiser for Bring Back the Light firefly research. 

For reservations or enquiries WhatsApp: +62 821 3877 3739

Rp. 450,000++ per person

Includes a plant-based menu of Balinese flavours with a seafood option. Still water is included.

Indus, Jalan Raya Sanggingan, Ubud (next to Rob Peetoom)